Water unicity

Tassay water originates from Arys-Badam groundwater deposits naturally and securely hidden from any man-made impact. Due to its location in an environmentally clean place, Tassay water has acquired all the best properties.

Experts from the Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Diseases of the Republic of Kazakhstan have recognized TASSAY water as fresh drinking water of the hydrocarbonate magnesium-calcium group with optimal sodium and potassium concentrations. As opposed to chloride (salty taste) and sulphate (specific, bitter taste) types of water, a hydrocarbonate group is traditionally considered as the most tasty and useful one.

TASSAY water not just quenches thirst, but also helps people maintain a necessary water and mineral balance in the body, which affects positively their health.

Each of the elements contained in TASSAY water is useful. For example, hydrocarbons contained in the water help normalize PH-balance in the body and improve the protein and carbohydrate metabolism processes, as well as prevent diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Calcium is an essential component for maintaining a skeletal system and efficient muscle work. Magnesium coordinates a heart rate and blood sugar level and lowers elevated blood pressure as well. Sodium activates digestive enzymes and helps retain moisture, and potassium, conversely, helps remove excess fluid from the body.

The Kazakh Academy of Nutrition recommends TASSAY drinking water for daily consumption without any restrictions. Due to a low level of salt content (less than 0.3 g/l) and neutral PH level, TASSAY water is recommended for children and adults who lead an active lifestyle and are interested in sports.

Technological water treatment phases

Manufacturing process uses high-tech European equipment (Sidel, Matrix, SIPA, Tecnocom), which, together with the implemented quality management system ISO 9001-2009, ensures conformity of the output products with the high international standards.

Main production phases:

First phase.

Storage tank. Water from underground wells goes into steel storage tanks through rust and bloom-resistant pipes.

Second phase.
Purification. Water passes through a filtration system, which removes all mechanical impurities and smallest grains of sand, and becomes crystal-clear.

Third phase.
Treatment using a sterilization UV lamp. At this phase, water is treated with UV radiation, which ensures neutralization of any microbiological inclusions.

Fourth phase
Bottle production, transportation to the filling machine and rinsing. Bottles are blown using PET preforms in a special machine and then transported by an air flow conveyor to the filling unit, where they are rinsed with clean water.  

Fifth phase
Water filling, capping, labeling, printing the date of production and packaging are made using fully automated production lines manufactured in France and Italy. TASSAY water is bottled and closed with branded caps.

At all production phases all indicators are monitored using a modern production laboratory, which carries out organoleptic, physical-chemical and microbiological tests ensuring thereby high quality of products.