TASSAY water is the pride of Kazakhstan production of drinking water and the basis of all products manufactured by Unix Company. TASSAY water has specific origination - from the depths of one of the most picturesque places of Kazakhstan, and this fact conditions the unique harmonious content of all minerals that are necessary for the human body, and surprisingly mild taste, and up-to-date equipment makes TASSAY water perfect.

From the very moment of market appearance TASSAY bottled water has become an indispensable product for the majority of citizens of Kazakhstan. People drink TASSAY water at home, at work, during sport activities, outdoors, at meetings with family members and friends. Due to its neutral PH balance and low salt content, TASSAY water has become an ideal choice for cooking and making tea.

Long-time devotees of TASSAY water know that daily consumption of high-quality water maintains health, provides vital power and reveals human beauty, which depends mainly on healthy physical condition. There are good reasons that TASSAY water enjoys confidence among experts of the best fitness clubs, SPA-centers and beauty salons of the country as well as doctors of leading clinics of Kazakhstan.

As of today, TASSAY bottled water has been approved by the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition. This means that it is not just safe, but also meets the highest quality standards.  TASSAY water has been appreciated both by ordinary citizens of Kazakhstan and senior citizens and guests of the country due to the fact that TASSAY water is the official water of all public events and receptions of the President, the Government, the Parliament and other state institutions of the country.   

Due to high quality, TASSAY water was repeatedly recognized as domestic water No. 1 and awarded with "Choice of the Year in Kazakhstan" prize (in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2009). In addition, TASSAY drinking water was awarded with Grand Prix, the highest dignity medals and diplomas at domestic and international exhibitions.

TASSAY - energy of life! 



Tassay water - carbonated and non-carbonated - is represented in the following assortment:

- plastic bottles of 0.2 litres. / 0.5 l. / 1 l. / 1.5 l.;

- glass bottles of 0.25 l. / 0.5 l.

Besides the individual package there are also group packaged products.

Large packaging products are represented in the form of 5-litre plastic bottles with a possibility of group packaging in carton boxes.